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Americans underestimate just how dangerous Trump really is.

MAGA is a death cult. They hate liberals with the same intensity, and for the same absurd reasons, as the Nazis hated the Jews. Nazis thought they were righteous and good, and that they were eradicating evil. MAGA believes the same thing about themselves and liberals. They don’t want to co-exist.

Growing up in Germany, I thought I knew everything there is to know about America, until I moved to New York in my early 20s. Actually living in America was surprisingly different from just watching it in my favorite movies.


Fascists use propaganda to brainwash people and make them believe lies.

Propaganda works best on dumb people, because they don’t know when they’re being lied to.

Smart people see through the lies.

That’s why fascists tell dumb people not to trust anything smart people say.

Dumb people don’t know they’re dumb, because they don’t even know how much stuff they don’t know.

They think they know everything there is to know, so they can’t even imagine that anyone could know more about a topic than they do.

That’s why they believe their uneducated opinion is just as valid as the…

Don’t be fooled by Russian trolls masquerading as American lefties.

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Russian operation masqueraded as right-wing news site to target U.S. voters


Russian trolls are not just brainwashing right-wing Americans. They’re also targeting the left.

They’re trying to convince you to vote third party or not vote at all.

Their only goal is to get Trump elected by stopping you from voting for Biden. It’s called “demotivational propaganda.”

Dear Republican, if all the lies Fox News tells you about liberals were actually true, I’d hate liberals too. Who wouldn’t?

But that’s the thing: virtually nothing you are being told about liberals is actually true. It’s propaganda, designed to demonize liberals.

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Bill Maher keeps asking the guests on his show: “Why is the D for Democrat so toxic in red states?” Most liberals honestly have no idea why you Trump voters hate liberals so much.

This is why:

You’re being lied to, to make you hate liberals.

Be honest: you can barely tolerate me even using the word liberal

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The British Empire told their soldiers that German soldiers were savages who killed babies for fun. British propaganda posters showed German soldiers with a big evil grin as they murdered infants.

It was just a propaganda lie, designed to make British peasants hate German peasants, even though they shared common ancestors and were brothers.

The Windsors, the British royal family, were themselves a German family.

During the first Iraq war, American war propaganda claimed Saddam Hussein killed Kuwaiti babies by ripping them out of incubators. That wasn’t true either. Just another lie to demonize the enemy.

The truth was, Saddam…

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Can men and women ever really be just friends? Women think so. But every man knows that it’s impossible.

Read this book and find out what really goes on in a man’s mind. You will never look at opposite-sex friendships the same way again.

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Dear Reader,

You’re a little late to the party. Where the hell have you been? This is already the third and final part of the trilogy, and you’re only joining us now?

Tsk tsk tsk.

Let me get you up to speed on what you’ve missed so far:

In book one, Going to New York, you missed the utterly fascinating, nay spellbinding saga of me growing up in Germany and later emigrating to New York. I was a brooding, troubled teenage hacker. Wow! Good stuff! …

Oliver Markus Malloy

Malloy is a German-American novelist and comic artist. Born and raised in Aachen, Germany, he currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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