Why Men And Women Can’t Be Friends

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Can men and women ever really be just friends? Women think so. But every man knows that it’s impossible.

Read this book and find out what really goes on in a man’s mind. You will never look at opposite-sex friendships the same way again.

I grew up in Germany, where gender equality and equal rights are further along than here in the States.

Women hold more positions of power in business and politics than here in the US. Angela Merkel is just the tip of the iceberg. And there’s less of a pay gap between men and women.

Most German men are feminists, which simply means we were raised to see women as our equals, who deserve equal rights and equal respect.

My mother was the CEO of a big company. She has always been my best role model. That’s why I know that women are every bit as good and smart and hard working as men, if not more so.

But that doesn’t change the fact that men and women perceive the world differently, just like white and black people in America perceive the world differently.

Men and women often fundamentally misunderstand each other, as some of the studies I quoted in this book have shown. For example, women tend to misinterpret a man’s sexual interest as “just being friendly” while men misinterpret a woman’s friendliness as sexual interest. There’s a reason for that.

And that’s what this book is about.

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Why Men And Women Can’t Be Friends has received over a thousand 4 and 5 star reviews on Goodreads, Google Play Books, Amazon, Amazon India, Amazon Canada, etc. Here are just a few of them:

“It reads well. It simply describes a basic biologic truth. All living creatures are driven by the basic drive to reproduce themselves. I have sent this very neat simple story to family and friends.”
★★★★★ Thaddeus Kostrubala, MD. Psychiatrist

“The book very well explains the sexual behaviour of a man. All women should read it, to understand the man in their life.”
★★★★★ Google Play Book Review

“Ladies, it’s all true. It’s all about sex. Homo sapien males are not as evolved as you might think. Sorry about that. I don’t want to shatter any romantic beliefs you might have but we are what we are. An honest read for women who most likely won’t like what they read.”
★★★★ Goodreads Review

“He makes some excellent points. But it may also contain some information you’d rather deny or not know at all.”
★★★★★ Goodreads Review

“True facts that many of us don’t want to hear.”
★★★★★ Amazon Review

“An inconvenient truth. Don’t listen to the handful of negative reviews from teenage millennial females. They have zero life experience and their clueless outrage is ill informed. This book speaks the truth about men, and anyone with some life experience will surely agree that this book hits the nail on the head.”
★★★★★ Amazon Review

“Tells it like it is. Backs up what I’ve thought for years… As well as what I’ve told my daughter about young men that she is friends with. Great book for young marrieds.”
★★★★ Amazon Review

“This pretty much makes all of my mother’s advice quite valid, about men. Who really knew?”
★★★★★ Amazon Review

“I’ve been around a while, being a 60 year old grandmother. The book was very blunt, very interesting, honest and a little comical. I have to say I agree that men think and feel that way. I don’t have a problem with it. It is what it is. They just have to control it, be civilized. This would be an eye opening read for an inexperienced naive young lady…”
★★★★★ Goodreads Review

“Very blunt and funny. Some of the statements left me speechless because I can’t believe I never knew these things before.”
★★★★★ Amazon Review

“This was quite shocking for me to read at first. But I continued reading and in the end I did learn something new. Thus, this was a good read even though I did not like the beginning of it. Girls, if you happen to want to understand men better, you should try reading this book.”
★★★★ Google Play Book Review

“A fun read that’s also educational. This book really opened my eyes. Now it all makes sense. Every student should read this in college.”
★★★★★ Amazon Review

“Changed the way I used to think about men! It would definitely stop me from wasting my time in reading romantic novels or fantasizing the like. Really opened my eyes wide!”
★★★★★ Google Play Book Review

“This has changed the way I think about men and I will never misinterpret their actions again.”
★★★★★ Amazon UK Review

“Thank you. It changed my life.”
★★★★★ Google Play Book Review

Malloy is a German-American novelist and comic artist. Born and raised in Aachen, Germany, he currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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